Epic Can't Really Make This Official Format Of Fortnite Items


Epic can't really make this official format of Fortnite items

Again, but this is an enjoyable event and not"esports." Epic can't really make this official format of Fortnite items esports going forward. It'd be like placing pro Starcraft players loose at Bronze Rank and seeing how many players they could tear through on a race to Grandmaster. Interesting? Sure, but not esports from the manner 1v1 tournaments against other players are.

The fundamental problem is that if you place a bunch of high tier Fortnite players jointly with traditional principles, the essence of the game in which you're trying to be the last man/team standing implies that everybody is going to play incredibly conservatively with only one life to lose and so much at stake. However, the matches this system generates are excruciating to watch most of the time, lag problems apart.

We see roughly double the normal number of players left alive in buy fortnite traps safe circles since the storm shrinks, everybody boxed into their own little constructions, only fighting when they absolutely need to. Epic saw this coming and tried to offer a $6,500 bounty into the team who got the highest kill total every match, but clearly did not work, and you can not actually bribe your way to delight in a match.


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