The Loading Screen Is At The Fortnite Materials


The loading screen is at the Fortnite materials

This week? The loading screen is at the Fortnite materials peak of the article here, and if you look carefully, you can see the ghost of a conflict star in addition to the main building of this chemical.

So, where you are going is located on the map here. Lazy Links is not the greatest drop point , but you could do worse, and it's certainly a step up from Anarchy Acres.Here's an aerial view of Lazy Links if you're seeking to land right on it to snag the conflict star immediately when the game celebrities.

Thus far, the subsequent two loading screens haven't leaked yet (they generally leak in pairs), so I am not certain where we're heading following this. My guess would be the desert when we are continuing to have a tour of the Buy fortnite items new locations, but maybe the Viking Village on top of this waterfall? I could see a battle star being concealed on the ship someplace, or something like that.

I believed The Visitor was a small letdown as last year's blockbuster skin, simply because there was seven months of hype in front of him. While Tier 100's Ragnarok is a very frightening Viking at his final shape, he still doesn't look like he'd be a foe for Drift especially. Thus, what rival rift-hopper could we see? Or is it a new sort of historic figure, or have a part in creating season 6, like The Visitor? Five weeks until we find out, and this conflict star will help you on your way.


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